Emergent Survey and Input

Emergent in the US, are undergoing a review of their activities as they plans their future, and have put this survey online.
It’s also open to people outside the US, friends and critics alike.
Text for the request for input is:
“Dear Friends,
When the emergent conversation was born just over ten years ago in the US, we never would have guessed that in such a short time it would become a significant feature in the American religious landscape, and a small but significant part of something happening around the world. In many ways, those of us who originally “built” Emergent Village were simply trying to create safe space to ask our own questions and talk openly about problems we were experiencing in how we were “doing church” and living and thinking Christianly.
But soon a wide array of leaders – Evangelical, charismatic, mainline, and others; younger and older; women and men – began migrating to this conversational space called Emergent Village. Around the country, generative friendships were forming. New questions were being asked. People were grappling with the Bible, with philosophy, with church history, and with the practicalities of planting, leading, and renewing local churches.
Those of us who have found ourselves as conveners or leaders in this conversation have grown closer as friends and deeper in our mutual respect. Nobody has tried to control or dominate the space. We have tried to listen to both our friendly and hostile critics, learn all we can, and respond prayerfully and wisely, keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.
Having accomplished much more than we’d expected, we, the Emergent Village Board of Directors, feel we are at a crossroads as an organization. As we look ahead to the future, we are seeking input and counsel from three groups of people.
First, we are asking people who are highly committed to Emergent Village to give us their counsel.
Second, we would value input from people who value the emergent conversation.
And third, we would also like friendly critics to offer their input.
We would like to solicit input between June 10 and August 10. Then we will use this input to prayerfully develop a plan which we hope to announce November 1. Thanks for your participation, and your prayers, in this process. The plan involves you filling out this survey. Board members will also be having follow-up, 30-minute phone conversations with some of you – you’ll have the opportunity to indicate your willingness to participate in that way at the end of the survey.
Thanks again,
The Emergent Village Board of Directors”
Take a couple of minutes to do this if you want to contribute to the conversation personally. But do not be mistaken, there are only a couple of questions. So take your time answering the ones you come to!
hopeful and emergent…
joshua c