Apple=Community Part 2

So a few weeks back I posted a video about Apple culture. Well now, even more of what we-who-love Apple suspected is proving true according to Josh Brown.
Josh recently posted this blog about Apple culture in which he described the sense of relief with retail-that-works-for-good and a memorial service (of sorts) for one of the ‘family’ of the Apple store he now works at.
Here is part of the post:
“I’ve had so many positive experiences being a part-time specialist. And I hesitate to even write about the positive things that I’ve experienced because I don’t want to step on any toes by blogging about work. All that to say, I went in as a part-time specialist being pretty skeptical of the retail world. Granted I love Apple computers and have had both the hardware and software enrich and make my life easier for years. But I wrongly assumed that just because it was a retail company that it would be similar to my other prior retail experiences. And my hang-ups with commercialism in general.
I was wrong. Apple has been amazing. And the culture you become a part of when you use an Apple computer is only that much stronger when you become a part of the growing family who work for the company.”

Read the rest here.
Again, as we all suspected, at least those of us who love Apple, it is more than a consumer good. It is a culture and a community to which we belong. Even after interacting for a brief period this week with Josh and his co-workers, they love what they do, and the goodness they add to the lives of those they care for.
Stay tuned for more updates of life in the community called Apple.
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