Seriously Good Conversations

Since I am not sure how often I am going to have wifi, I am going to post a end of the week SGC. I am squatting on wifi at panera bread mostly.
Corey Hau’s ‘Sanity Amongst the Concrete’.
Phyllis Tickle’s ‘Pagans and Patriarchs’.
Per Caritatem’s ‘Begbie on Music as an Outpouring of Love’
Prodigal Kiwi’s ‘Interpreting Scripture, Mission and Layers of Significance’.
the church and postmodern culture’s ‘Charles Taylor, Pluralism, and the Postmodern Condition’.
Jason Clark’s reminder and book recommendation ‘Beyond smells & bells: the wonder and power of Christian liturgy’.
And finally, Peter Rollins’ ‘Batman as ultimate capitalist hero’.
The other good news is that Laura and I now officially have an apartment in Atlanta. We’ve also got a car just today. More on the new ride vibe soon.
peace and stay tuned! More updates on the transition to come!
joshua c