Living with the Browns and transitioning stories

Laura and I have been and will continue to live the Browns off and on over the next couple of months. While we have already found an apartment, we’ve yet to furnish it. So, the ever so gracious Josh, Anna, Jack, and Bubba (aka Little Bit Brown) are letting us share living space with them.
So far, its been a blast, and now that Laura and I are on the Family Tour 2008 we’re actually missing them. But the FT08 has been quite a trip so far:
1. Not only did I get to attend the largest wiffle ball game you might ever imagine, but we had a 4th of July BBQ at my parents place for about 50 people. This wiffle ball game has become something of a legend in the neighborhood/city/community of Eutaw Alabama, and well, it lived up to its legendary status with our team winning two out of three games 8-6, 2-5, 5-2. Yeah, it was the stuff of legends. But not nearly as legendary as this, or this.
2. A great fish tale. Yeah, I am back in the South, which also means that among other things, I spend time with family doing things that I haven’t done in years. This time, namely bass fishing. My brother step-father and I all went over to one of our lakes on the 3rd and well, I shocked the world. How, you might ask, by catching a whopping 8lb+ large mouth bass. My brother was more excited than I. And would still continue to say, ‘I’d love to catch a fish that big, but I might go my whole life and never catch on that size‘. Talk about not knowing what I was getting into. LUCKY! Well that, and as I heard my brother describing it a friend, ‘yeah we can’t believe Davy Crockett came home and caught something like this already.’ Yep, thats me;)
3. Golf with Dad, Uncles, and Grandpa. Yep, I’ve already gotten quite a bit of golf in. I lost a bit of pocket money the first day, but didn’t play that bad. Now, I’m preparing to play in a tournament with my grandfather next weekend. He’s getting old, but he can still play some golf. He wanted to play in the tournament one more time. I am glad I am getting to play in it with him!
4. Flat tires and talking nieces. Yesterday while driving to pick up Laura’s mom from work, i ran over a roofing tile that covered all the lanes and popped two tires on the car. I’ve also been able to spend time with nieces Ellie and Emilie. Wow, Ellie can talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. Its truly cute cause she’ll say anything. I’d love to recreate Pearl with her, but the family isn’t too interested. But did I mention she could talk?
I think that is probably it for updates for now. I sense that the transition back to the American culture is going well, and every once in a while, I hear myself say something and I have to say it again differently. I’ve been laughed at, corrected, and mocked for saying certain things in certain ways, but I’m not really too bothered by it. Again, I’ll just have to contextualize my language and the like. Cause ifin I dont, I mite jus git into moore trouble than tis worth. GBA!
I guess the only real negative thing about not being in Atlanta (or close) right now, is that I just missed Obama. But hey, we will be blue come November!
More photos to come of the Family Tour 2008.
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