Staying Alive & The Fidelity of Betrayal

Well, I am still alive after the majority of my time here with Laura’s family. It has been a rich time of not merely getting to know family better, but of celebrating the life of our return with Laura. I do love my wife!
In other news, on Wednesday, Pete will hold a book launch for his newest book The Fidelity of Betrayal in Belfast.
If you haven’t already ordered your copy, please please please get out there and check out the book. It is another fine piece of work!
Also, in case you didn’t catch the taster on the podcast, you can check out our interview with Pete here. Its good fun, and a great interview. Make sure you listen.
I fly tomorrow to Tuscaloosa where I will finish preparations for a golf tournament this weekend with my grand father. We’re playing together as a team and, well, I’m excited to get to spend this time with him!
Stay tuned…