Why I Love Beginners!!

There are a few reasons why I love to deep sea fish when there are people who never have on the boat:
1. There is always the option for sea sickness (this year however, both my brothers got sick;));
2. There is always the opportunity for really silly questions to be asked (for instance: if the fish pulls really hard, should I drop the pole in the water? Answer: NO!);
3. There is no question, that the first-timer always catches the biggest fish!!
My niece Macy caught her big fish for her first trip. After the first 20 minutes and little sickness she said, ‘I don’t like this.’ 30 minutes later, she was on top of the world after landing a boat record 41lb or 19Kilo King Mackerel!!
Yeah, we are alive and doing well. 5 more days of vacation!