Brian McLaren at Lambeth

I’ve seen several people blogging about meeting Brian at Lambeth. Most have been, as they described, pleasantly surprised by this ‘American evangelical’. For any of us who know Brian, the surprise isn’t that surprising! Even if the irony is thick concerning his speaking at the American Episcopal church’s Evangelism conference just a couple of months preceding this highly anticipated Lambeth (in the context of the global Anglican communion).
Here is what Fr. Lord had to say:
‘I’m impressed that Brian McLaren was invited to speak at Lambeth on the subject of Evangelism. Here are his reflections about being at Lambeth and a snippet of his presentation.
“What a tremendous honor and pleasure it’s been to speak on the subject of evangelism at the Lambeth Conference being held here in Canterbury, England. I know that most people think the “news story” here is about divisive controversies over sexuality, but my sense is that the real news story is very different.
There is a humble spirit here, a loving atmosphere, a deep spirituality centered in Bible study, worship, and prayer, and a strong desire to move beyond internal-institutional matters to substantive mission in our needy world. Most postmodern people don’t relish being far from God, bereft of hope and roots, isolated from loving community, part of the problem rather than the solution. But neither do they want to be religious fanatics, cultists, Us and Them dualists, Church hobbyists, Judgmental fantasists. They need authentic, sane, vibrant faith.
Anglicanism at its best is well placed to provide safe space to grow this:
1. A gospel which prioritizes Jesus and the kingdom more than institutional religion, with a servant concept of ministry
2.A safe platform from which to develop creative fresh expressions of Church
3. A multicultural family, with global flexibility
4. A liturgy that at its best exibits mystery, beauty, rootedness, intelligence and clarity, biblical coherence, as opposed either to absolutism or bigoted, mean spirited zealotry.
I find this very hopeful.
With you on the Journey,

Good for Brian. Good for goodness!