The Dark Night- A couple of thoughts

Last night I went with Laura, my dad, and step-mom to see The Dark Night. Though I haven’t done loads of film reviews (a thing I plan to change in the next few months when my new site is up), I will offer a few comments here with hopefully more to follow as ideas develop.
1. Heath Ledger’s monologues are even-more-powerful and even-more-disturbing because of his death, than they would be if he were alive. While i expected them to be dark, I hadn’t expected them to be so profoundly ironic and tragic.
2. The movie presents an other-than-traditional-view of hero that is worth investigating deeply when it comes to how we understand what it means to be good in the world. At multiple junctures during the course of the film, I found myself going, ‘yeah, to be good doesn’t always mean to do merely the right thing.’ While i know it could be annoying for some, and predictable for others to assume I’d think this, I think this too is an approach to understanding what it might mean to practice Christianity in the world today. If not, there is something here very important about what it means to be human!
I have a few other thoughts, but i just wanted to get a few down here first. Overall, it was a good film. They obviously had set the movie up for Heath’s return in the next film, his presence will be missed. I hope that they are able to use old footage of him at least in part of the next one. That would be cool.
As they say in the movie, ‘people’s faith needs to be rewarded from time to time’, even if that means good people becoming bad things for the sake of justice.
be for good…even if you must become bad…