Atlanta, Emergent, and Historic Civil Rights Moments

Last night I visited my first Atlanta emergent cohort meeting. It was a pretty good time and we had a pretty lively discussion on Joe Myers book ‘Organic Community’. As one who has spent more time with Myers’ other book, ‘The Search to Belong‘, I found this conversation as somewhat of an evolution on may […]

Detox over..DNC Begins

Laura and I have finished our detox. I have to be honest, the details of it are not much different than the other days I posted about. While at times I wondered, is this really doing anything, I am sure it was. I could feel it not only in my body as the days would […]

Time for some campaignin’

I’ve posted a few other JibJab funny videos before, but this one is funny no matter who you are for in the US election. Honestly, I was thinking hard about not putting on here, but then I took the below screen shot while watching the video and realized it was more true than I thought. […]

New Conspirators Podcast is Here

(US Cover Art) The other week, I posted the below about my interview with Tom Sine of The New Conspirators. Well, the podcast is now available on itunes for anyone looking for it. Hurray to Nicholas for getting it up while on his adventures with Michael Holmes! Yeah, I blogged about him before too;) I […]

Recycled Thursday Thoughts

Back in November I posted these thoughts that came together for me by Greg Boyd and Thomas Merton. Since I am trying to figure out how to update my blog to a new one, I am going through old posts trying to see if there is stuff I don’t mind losing in the process. It […]

Detox Day Three

Yep, we are moving right along. In more ways than one I might add. Today was good with very little discomfort. It was a rough night of sleep, but the waking up to the promise of Kheir, a rice based breakfast pudding with cashews, raisins, cinnamon, and cardoman was a delight. After a little more […]

Detox Day Two

Day two has been interesting. Still mostly just water, with a bit more lemon to aid with the liver cleaning. Yeah, who knew? Also interesting from today, was the hydro therapy. Yeah, sounds fancy? But on the whole it involved getting in the shower and repeating the following process: 3 minutes hot shower 1 minute […]

An End of Summer Detox- Day One

Over the last several months Laura and I have had our fair share of stress, transitions, and new beginnings. It continues to be quite a trip! Yeah, yeah, we’ve managed things, and have even managed to have some time off and away with family. You may remember blogs from the last few months about our […]

Kite Surfing..whoops!#@!

Many of you will have already seen this video of a man on the beach kite surfing as tropical storm Fay came upon shore. I found it somewhat funny that when one of his friends were interviewed, he said, ‘we were having a great time, and then this wind just came out of no where!’ […]

Back to blogging…for real!

So, it begins. I am officially back on a schedule for blogging and writing. I love it! I am also very much looking forward to beginning to blog about the people and opportunities coming to life here in Atlanta. These are of course, but not limited to: studies at Candler, Atlanta Emergent Cohort (and friendship […]