5 Reasons to get an iPhone during transition!

So, you absolutely read it right. After saving and lusting and hoping to get an iphone since their inception, I have finally gotten one. And yes, it has lived up to the hype. In fact, during this time of transition, I can think of little else, other than my wife, and my zen-infused Anglican spirituality that has helped me more.
So, here are my: 5 Reasons Why I believe Everyone Needs an iPhone During Major Transition
1. Maps and Directions- When Laura and I were here pre-iPhone, we got really frustrated and lost. Atlanta ain’t Geneva. Yep, you read it right, it says ain’t; however, that doesn’t even remotely diminish the fact that on our next trip, post-iPhone, we have experienced less frustration in transit and shopping.
2. Cuisine Options- I’ve added the program Loopt to my iPhone. o say the least its good fun. But more than good fun, it helps me find great food and read reviews of them. So, as in tonight, Laura and i wanted a good Indian. So, we jumped on Loopt, searched it out, and found one just down the road. We’ll venture there tonight to see if it lives up to our famed Little India. Man I miss those guys!
3. Photos of randomnimity- Sure this may be petty, but if you like snapping photos of randomness, you can also use it do that and actually geo-tag your location. Memories mapped. Kind of reminds me of a great movie that I can not remember if I’ve ever plugged on this blog: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Must see for couples. Especially those together for more than 3 years. Required for those who’ve managed more than 10!
4. Knowing where your friends are..when they are few! Laura and I are adjusting and starting a new. YES we deeply miss our friendships in Geneva (more with everyday), but we are also meeting new people here. Many of whom, because of the afford-ability of the iPhone here, are able to have them. With that new program i mentioned above (loopt) we can see where each other are. We can connect if we are close, or even see if we are near someone we know. If so, we can drop a line or text or just give a call and see what’s happening. If good!
5. You just feel connected! I have waited for a while to really try to find something that allows me to feel connected to all the apps on my mac. Closest I found recently was my Ipod Touch. But, as you mac enthusiasts would know, there are no phone capabilities there. Yet, with the iPhone I have been more than amazed at the way things just sync together and bring a since of macarmony. You get that: macarmony. You heard it here first: mac + harmony= macarmony.
So, if you know someone who is moving, or if you yourself are making a big transition, make sure you take care of yourself or your loved one, and reach for the iphone. You’ll thank yourself, and they will thank you! Trust me.
joshua c
(listening to iron & wine)