“Home” at last

Laura and I have finally began the final settling process into Atlanta. Namely, we have began to buy and put together the furniture and rooms in our new place in Decatur.
Over all, the summer has flown by, but we are both very very ready to be settling in. The last couple of weeks we’ve also began to really miss certain things from Geneva, and Europe. The feelings of home are not here yet, and I suspect they won’t be for some time, but we are returning as best we can.
Last night we had our first US grocery shopping experience and it was with great fear and trepidation that we ventured into the local Kroger. We decided to go up and down every isle. Man, what choices. Wow, what trip! Laura commented to me half way through that she felt like this experience was very similar to her first experience in Geneva as even though she could read all the labels, it remained deeply overwhelming with choice.
Thats about it from our side. Although, we are here, we are not yet home, except in our selves.
more to come..