Grievences from Transition

So I have a few complaints as a consumer. Yes, I consume and right now, maybe even more than I would like to since we are setting up our place. It is planned consumption, however, so that should make it a little better. Never-the-less I do have a few transition woes to voice. They are brand specific:
Comcast Cable-
Kroger, Winn Dixie, or Publix-
On the other hand, I again have a glowing recommendation for the iPhone and yet another new recommendation for AT&T.
Also, on Tuesday night, Laura and I had a meal a restaurant we only later discovered is hailed as the ‘best indian restaurant in Atlanta.’ Yeah, who knew. On the whole it was a great experience and despite not having the menu i was accustomed too, I was pretty good stuff. Although they didn’t give any Indian mango liquor as a finisher..but hey, at least Little India has something going for them!
On the whole, we are