Back to blogging…for real!

So, it begins. I am officially back on a schedule for blogging and writing. I love it!
I am also very much looking forward to beginning to blog about the people and opportunities coming to life here in Atlanta. These are of course, but not limited to: studies at Candler, Atlanta Emergent Cohort (and friendship with Troy), the Nick and Josh Podcast, The Genesis Shelter (my placement for contextual education for the next year) and of course the soon arrival of Little Bit Brown. I am also pretty excited about being able to be practiced on by Laura and others at the Atlanta School of Massage! YES!
Also, it is so good to have wifi at home again. And this time, its quick! Good news, good news!!
Be back soon…
By the way, I hate to say it, but Michael Phelps is a machine! Tonight it happens again!