An End of Summer Detox- Day One

Over the last several months Laura and I have had our fair share of stress, transitions, and new beginnings. It continues to be quite a trip!
Yeah, yeah, we’ve managed things, and have even managed to have some time off and away with family. You may remember blogs from the last few months about our trip on the Camino de Santiago, our final days in Geneva, and most recently, our Family Tour 2008. All of these are sort the markers along the way from the last few months of the change that has been going on in our world, and the world around us. Well, as we enter into the newest and next stage of life here in the US, the part when things get more regular and more routine, we are venturing into a 7 Day Detox.
I am guessing it was about two years ago when Laura got the book and started reading up on it. No, it didn’t take her that long to read the book, but it did take us that long to come to a place where we thought, now is the time to do this. We’ve done several other shorter fasts and detox cleanings, but this will by far be the longest and most rigorous! Kind of exciting, and kind of daunting.
Day One- Simple: Drink Water and Eat Nothing
Today has been pretty simple aside from the fact that I drove back from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta this morning and sadly, could feel that my body was lingering in wait for the coffee to hit the system. But, no coffee came. After about two hours, normal-you-are-now-awake body stuff kicked in and all was well. Its amazing how much my body has depended on the caffeine and otherwise to get rolling.
From a mental and emotional stand point I’ve found today pretty interesting in regards to the fast. Yes, I woke up knowing that I wasn’t going to get anything but water today (or tomorrow), did this set in motion my body’s response to things already? Was my body thinking as I slept “conserve energy” or something of the sort? It’ll be interesting to experience again that clear mindedness that comes from the distance in chemical stimuli. I’ve done other fasts before, but a good cleaning every once and while I find helpful.
The interesting thing about the book we are using is that it also brings up the notions of mental and emotional health as a result of the fast. It doesn’t speak in terms of the spiritual implications for fasts, but it certainly leaves the door open for those who are leaning that way. The interesting thing is, that Laura and I had each done respective fasts affiliated with religious holidays or festivals long before thinking about or considering fasts for mostly health reasons. Now it seems we are getting back to our bodies which, is incidentally, very much about our souls. Its an exciting synchronicity to experience.
I’ll post more the next few days about the Detox experience. There are a few things I am excited about, like: lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (starting day three). And there are a few things I am curious about, like: taking charcol tablets to absorb the free radical toxins being released. Yeah, Charcol!
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