Detox Day Two

Day two has been interesting. Still mostly just water, with a bit more lemon to aid with the liver cleaning. Yeah, who knew?
Also interesting from today, was the hydro therapy. Yeah, sounds fancy? But on the whole it involved getting in the shower and repeating the following process:
3 minutes hot shower
1 minute as cold as it can get shower
3 minutes hot shower
1 minutes as cold as it can get shower.
If you have never tried this before, go for it. After the shower you feel like you’ve been to a spa, or to hot baths, and it aids with circulation and the release of toxins. But if you try it, make sure to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins.
Tomorrow, more hydro therapy and finally some food. We went shopping today. The good news is that pappadums count.
Stay tuned for more from the 7 day detox.