New Conspirators Podcast is Here

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The other week, I posted the below about my interview with Tom Sine of The New Conspirators. Well, the podcast is now available on itunes for anyone looking for it. Hurray to Nicholas for getting it up while on his adventures with Michael Holmes! Yeah, I blogged about him before too;)
I hope you enjoy it.
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Today I did a podcast interview for an upcoming release on the Nick & Josh Podcast. I am continuing my duties with the fellas even as the transition continues. And to be honest, I love the gig as much as anything!
Today I had the privilege of talking to Tom Sine of Mustard Seed Associates and The New Conspirators (US-web). Over the course of about 3 hours, Tom and I got to talk several times while both trying to connect with the other. Just when it seemed as though all hope was lost, hope prevailed and the interview happened. No Barack Obama didn’t jump in a save the planet, but it sure felt like it;) Tom really is a great guy.
I just wanted to put out the info that this podcast is coming soon. As much as anything, I urge you like Andrew Jones, ‘If you cant make the conference, at least buy the book.’
Kester also has pretty impressive plug on the book. He writes, ‘When the great book of life is opened, some would see it that it’ll be the stellar Christians like McLaren, Baker, Rollins and Wallis who should get all the plaudits. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from any of them, but quietly, ‘one mustard seed at a time’ Tom has been actually inspiring people to do the stuff. It’s a quiet, background role, perhaps, but I think if you could trace the significance of his words and actions through all the things that have happened because of them, you’d have quite an amazing list. Vaux certainly owes him its existence in many ways.’
So yeah, it was an honor to speak to Tom. And watch out, there will be another postcast after this one on life in community during major economic recession…with Tom. Yeah, the man has some great ideas for emerging, missional, mosaic, and monastic community in the global era.
Wait for interview…but check out the book!
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