Classes, Refreshers, and Ecclesiologies

Well, for years now I’ve read stuff on what it means to be church. Seriously, I’ve read books, participated in church plants, consulted youth ministries, and interviewed people for podcasts etc etc etc. Well, now it is all running together. I’m sure where I first came across the names or the concepts, but today I […]

Troy Davis Update!!!!!

CNN is reporting that the US Supreme Court has issues a reprieve less than two hours before his scheduled execution. According to some reports, many had asked Georgia to grant Davis a new trial: celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Harry Belafonte and the Indigo Girls; world leaders such as former President Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and […]

Is this really justice? A Troy Davis Reflection

Troy Davis is set to be executed tomorrow, 23 September, at 7pm EST. Davis, 39, sits on death row for the Aug. 19, 1989, murder of Officer Mark Allen MacPhail. But since Davis’ 1991 trial, seven key prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimony. This isn’t actually the first time that Davis has been this close […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return- FINAL!!!

Well, it’s finished. After nine years, the Ryder cup finally returns to US. While there was a new cast of players, one couldn’t help but still sense the lingering Tiger. Maybe it was the way in which Anthony Kim (who has modeled himself after Woods for year) won. Maybe it was the fierceness in the […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return- Still Holding

Well, the US is still holding its lead. US needs 5 1/2 points to take the cup back. European needs seven points to retain the cup. While I am not 100% sure of Zinger’s strategy, I hope it pays off. It looks like he wants to clinch the tournament before he gets to the later […]

Movies to make you think

Recently I have come across a couple of movies that, though I have not seen them yet, will definitely be interested to see. One them is a little more serious than the other, but both will add something to any conversation you’re having. What that something is will probably be up to you, but they […]

Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return

Today it begins. A little rivalry between the US and the rest of the world in golf called the Ryder Cup. Over the last 6 years, the European team (plus others) has been victorious; however, the peculiar and distinct absence of Tiger Woods this year will give the team a little extra incentive to be […]

Why I Hate Deal or No Deal

So, for the last two weeks, I’ve gotten sucked into the indulgence of watching the show Deal or No Deal. Well, this is it! I’m done. To make a long story short, for the last two weeks, the guys who were choosing to move on or take the cash got so caught up in the […]