Tuesday is for Thomas

For the last four years I’ve spent time with Thomas Merton, or at least with his works. It has been a venture not only in friendship, but in truly seeking to live in community with someone who I have only in text form. Yet, time and time again, I come across passages or conversations with Merton which seem to be timeless in their capacity to speak, if not to me, to others.
On the 8 September of last year, not truly knowing what the year would have for me, I wrote of this passage, “More than ever…i needed this message today…in 2006. Lord lead, as I seek. Open doors/ways as i risk. Give permission as I abandon myself again to you…and to Providence…Amen.”
May this passage be to you as well a voice luring you forward towards hope and goodness.
‘I believe I have the right and the duty to try to go on to a more pure and simple and primitive form of life. I believe that I have the right to appeal to a higher superior for permission to make this trial. I can ask and wait and see what happens. On the one hand, I have to be really sincere about looking for a simpler poorer, more solitary life, more abandoned to Providence. On the other hand, there are still things that enter into this and spoil this: desire of liberty, desire to be out from under a stupid form of authority, desire to travel-to go to a more beautiful and primitive country. All these things are there, unfortunately, and they are strong.
The one thing necessary is a true interior and spiritual life, true growth, on my own, in depth, in a new direction. Whatever new direction God opens up for me. My job is to press forward, to grown interiorly, to pray, to break away from attachments and to defy fears, to grow in faith, which has its own solitude, to seek an entirely new perspective and a new dimension in my life. To open up new horizons at any cost. To let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest. But really to desire to know and love God more fully, and to let the Holy Spirit do the rest.’

with every blessing…
joshua c