Podcast: Decent Care Part 2

Decent Care Cover.png
You may remember a few months back I posted about my interview with Rev. Ted Karpf for the podcast.

Part Two of the podcast is now up
. Make sure you check it out. There is some good stuff here, especially as it relates to the 2008 World AIDS Day book, and what decent care means for everyone!
And one more time, here is what the Arch has to say about the book, “HIV/AIDS is devastating the world, especially the vulnerable and the poor, who bear the brunt of humiliation, discrimination and stigma. Restoring Hope is a heartfelt plea from different faiths, and philosophical and ethical perspectives for decent care, which treats people living with HIV as collaborators. It is a plea, I pray we heed.”
Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate and Archbishop Emeritus, Cape Town, South Africa
Make sure to check it out and to watch for news surrounding this project in your part of the world.