Ryder Cup 2008: The Year of the Return- Still Holding

Picture 2.png
Well, the US is still holding its lead. US needs 5 1/2 points to take the cup back. European needs seven points to retain the cup. While I am not 100% sure of Zinger’s strategy, I hope it pays off. It looks like he wants to clinch the tournament before he gets to the later rounds!
Today’s schedule:
12:03 PM: Kim (USA) vs. Garcia (EUR)
12:14 PM: Mahan (USA) vs. Casey (EUR)
12:25 PM: Leonard (USA) vs. Karlsson (EUR)
12:36 PM: Mickelson (USA) vs. Rose (EUR)
12:47 PM: Perry (USA) vs. Stenson (EUR)
12:58 PM: Weekley (USA) vs. WIlson (EUR)
1:09 PM: Holmes (USA) vs. Hansen (EUR)
1:20 PM: Furyk (USA) vs. Jimenez (EUR)
1:31 PM: Cink (USA) vs. McDowell (EUR)
1:42 PM: Stricker (USA) vs. Poulter (EUR)
1:53 PM: Curtis (USA) vs. Westwood (EUR)
2:04 PM: Campbell vs. Harrington (EUR)
Finish strong!