Fall Conference Questions for Richard Cizik & Eboo Patel

As you will well know, The Nick & Josh Podcast is an experiment in podcast media to bring conversations with authors, speakers, musicians, church leaders, theologians, artisans, and bloggers to your iPod or computer.
This week, as part of the Re-Envisioning Leadership for a Hope-filled Future conference at Candler, I am getting interview Richard Cizik and Eboo Patel (for podcast of course!). Last night I interviewed the civil rights diva, Marian Wright Edelman (watch of the podcast later today!).
The conference is organized around the following statement: Our religious and civic communities stand in need of effective leaders with vision and character. Candler School of Theology is responding to this need by gathering scholars, activists, ministers, educators, and citizens of all ages to re-imagine leadership in our current context. It is important for people of faith and conscience to develop more broadly inclusive concepts of leadership firmly rooted in commitments to the common good and with the idea of working across disciplines and sectors to try new approaches. With fresh voices, new ideas, and expanded partnerships, we hope to inspire and empower people of all ages to build and lead our society into the twenty-first century.
Anybody got any questions for Cizik or Patel? Make sure to post them today!!
Thanks for listening, reading, and participating!!

One thought on “Fall Conference Questions for Richard Cizik & Eboo Patel

  1. Hey Josh!
    It’s Cassie from IFYC: nice to meet you @ Candler last week. I’m looking forward to hearing your interviews from the conference, and checking out the podcast in general. Your blog popped up in my google alerts, and I’m glad ’cause we never got to talk about interfaith work, etc. Drop me an email, cassie at ifyc dot org!

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