The Revolution Lives on!!

Thanks Tony or, whoever else put this together!! Absolutely Hilarious!!! And yes, I’m still the idiot who wants to be the new National Coordinator for Emergent Village! peace…. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Podcast Interview with Richard Cizik

The newest podcast interview is live. This interview was recorded with Richard Cizik after he spoke at the Candler Leadership conference. His keynote will be released later, but this is from my sit down with him before the evening ended. I hope you enjoy! peace.. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

An Emergent with and for “Mainline” America

My hinnch is that in some regard, the mainline avoiding the conversation is because they perceive that some how, if they give in to the questions of ecclesiology and otherwise, that they are merely pandering to the more evangelical protestant agenda. But these questions are about more than mere attempts to get people back into […]

Has Jesus Become a Distraction?

Has Jesus Become a Distraction? Over the last several weeks I’ve really been wondering about the primacy of Christ’s role in Christianity today. For the most part, while I understand the worship and tendency towards trying to know, learn and encourage one another in the faith, I am wondering if our worship of Jesus hasn’t […]

Changes at Emergent Village (Recapped)

In response to the changes over at Emergent Village, I think that honestly, Mike said it best: “Emergent Village is restructuring (or de-structuring as the case may be) and has outlined some new directions. This comes as the result of a survey that was completed by over 2000 friends of EV in which we each […]

The Candler Emergent Conversation

As part of my journey here in Atlanta, I’ve had the opportunity, with Troy and others, to tease out the generative aspects of the Emergent conversation at Candler. My hunch is that in many ways, the conversation has been going on here for some time; however, like one of those things waiting to be nurtured […]

A New Way of Being: Why I Keep Crying!

This post has been about six days in the making. For those of you who known me for very long, you know that I’ve been a huge fan of Barack Obama from the beginning. In fact, while I wasn’t a hefty blogger in 2004, it was then that began to talk about Barack. Over the […]


It is an important day in the life of America (and the world). Even as I sit here and reflect on what it all means I am caught by the historical nature of all that is happening in this now. On the one hand it could just be another election. I mean every 4 years […]