It is an important day in the life of America (and the world). Even as I sit here and reflect on what it all means I am caught by the historical nature of all that is happening in this now. On the one hand it could just be another election. I mean every 4 years they come and go, but something feels different not just about this election, but about this moment.
This morning as i was getting ready to leave the house, Barack and Michelle Obama were being televised as they went to vote. As I sat there and watched, I was caught up in the emotions of moment and actual got pretty emotional.
Here were a few of my immediate reflections:
1. I wonder how many African-Americans are watching this right now and remembering the days when they were not even allowed to vote.
2. I wonder if as he is voting, Obama is realizing that his name is on the ballot, and he actually has the chance to make history.
3. Why do i sense so acutely the gravity of this moment in my national history?
As I headed towards campus, I also became overwhelmed thinking about the drawing together of all the past into the now. While I’m not sure everyone would agree with this way of viewing reality, I am pretty certain that this a cosmic moment. It feels to me like in so many ways, Barack Obama becoming President is about more than his politics. It is about more than his economic plan. It is about more than him reaching across the isle. It is about more than him “being on the right side of history.” It is about a larger process that is going on.
I honestly can’t describe what it is, but it is here. Real, tangible, thick with emotion and God and history and future and change. No, Obama is not a messiah, but by becoming President of the United States of America, something is changing in the cosmos. Maybe its not the stars aligning..but something very real is happening at the existential level of being. And we my friends, whether we can sense it or not, are getting to be a part of it.
If you can, take a moment and seek out your connection to this moment. It is there. It is real. It is good.