The Candler Emergent Conversation

As part of my journey here in Atlanta, I’ve had the opportunity, with Troy and others, to tease out the generative aspects of the Emergent conversation at Candler. My hunch is that in many ways, the conversation has been going on here for some time; however, like one of those things waiting to be nurtured and encouraged, it is now finding a way to peek its head out of the ground.
Here is the post:
This is a first post. We hope you’ll check back and make sure to watch this space; joining in, when ever and where ever you can!
Also, don’t forget:
Our first gathering will be next Tuesday, November 18th from 12-1 in room 250 of the new Candler building.
Peter Rollins is coming to Candler on Tuesday November 25th, from 12-1 in Room 411! A free lunch will be provided for those who are interested in participating in a discussion with Peter on The Fidelity of Betrayal and Evandalism!
Again, stay tuned for more information!
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