Frank Rich may have gotten it right!

Frank Rich has summed up the controversial Rick Warren choice pretty well in his most recent Op-Ed in the New York Times. I have posted the full column below for good reading. For many of you it may seem odd for me to finally post something that seems in the least bit critical of President-Elect […]

Introducing Eboo Patel

Over the last few months I got to meet and follow up with a great guy by the name of Eboo Patel. As you’ll hear from an upcoming podcast, Eboo is one of the people who genuinely have something to contribute to the banter of online voices vying for the attention of us all. As […]

Peter Rollins’ Advent Reflection

The last podcast with Pete which we recorded during his time at Macland Presbyterian is up! Make sure to check it out, despite the fact that I’m just now blogging about it and we’re headed towards epiphany! peace… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Religious freedom: What effects one of us, effects all of us!

Over the last couple of weeks a judge in Douglasville, Georgia has required Muslim women to remove their head scarfs before entering the court room or be arrested. In my opinion this can not be stood for and is a violation of the right to religious freedom for all Americans!! In response, a group of […]

Dean & Company Family Christmas

So riding home the other day, I came across two very interesting things that I must share with anyone who is not from the US or who has not heard of these spectacularly American South experiences. They are: 1. Rick and Bubba– Really, if you can, though they tend to be ridiculously something..not sure what […]

14 Life Lessons from He-Man

So, I’ve been working on papers and stuff so much lately, that I found this to be quite refreshing. Sorry, I’m still laughing at the fact that I had forgotten that they even included these in the he-man episodes. On those ways that we were formed before we became the formers!! Scary! peace…. jc Tweet […]

Genesis: A New Life

As many of you will be well aware, I’ve been volunteering at Genesis throughout this semester. For my colleagues and I, we’re going to remain involved for at least another 6 months or so (at least that is how long our placement is:). Just this week, as if out of nowhere, we discovered this video […]

A Parable to think on

Parable of the crude little life-saving station (by Dr. Theodore O. Wedel) “On a dangerous sea coast where shipwrecks often occur, there was once a crude little life-saving station. The building was just a hut, and there was only one boat, but the few devoted members kept a constant watch over the sea, and with […]