AIDS: Now that we have remembered

My friends in Geneva at the Anglican UN Office Geneva released a report entitled, “Working Together!? The Anglican Response to HIV & AIDS in Africa“. It is a good comprehensive read. If you click on the title, you can down load the pdf. Here is the article about the article.
The report took quite a bit of work and was complemented by not only CAPA, but UNAIDS as well. My friends Mike, Paul, and Ruth (among countless others) will have invested deeply in this report!
As we leave the day of remembrance called World AIDS day, it is very important that we as a fragile humanity continue to keep this pandemic squarely in front of us. After the first 40 million people died, AIDS surpassed the Black plague in deaths. This isn’t a disease that plays around, and it will not be eradicated through passe answers or shouting to people infected with the disease from the couch to change their lifestyles. No, this disease needs the attention and affection of us all.
So now that we have remembered World AIDS Day, let’s do something. Take 30 minutes and do some research on how you can help people who are being effected and infected by this disease. Sure, Africa is great place to start, but why not ask how many people in your local community are affected by the disease? What’s being done in your neighborhood, city, province, state, canton, or country ? Do people feel free to tell others they have the disease? Do people who have it have to live in shame or is there a place of sanctuary and care for them? Has the outbreak of AIDS been on the rise in your community or on the decrease? Why? Who is caring for those infected and their loved ones…really?
All of these are just questions that are on the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of where or how you live, AIDS is effecting the world in which you live. We can make it such that this disease does not become, as Bono suggests, ‘the crisis by which we will all be judged by God and history’. We must act now.
Here are a few organizations to look into:
AIDS Alliance
International Council of AIDS Service Organizations
Take a breath. Take an action. Care.