The Economy: Is this really the answer?

So…praying over the bull is going to change things? Or is this more akin to the real idol worship at hand?
As Simon put it (ht: Nuno):
“Evangelicals, I mean, and specifically American ones.
OK, so world economy is tanking hard. And why? Because people have been extremely greedy, living off debt, making money out of money, using false weights and measures (financially speaking), and generally doing a lot of stuff with money that the Bible says is harmful and oppressive. So, what do we expect Christians to do about it?
If you said “remind people prophetically but sensitively that God is concerned about the use of money to oppress others and will sit in judgement over it”, then you know your Bible very well, but you don’t know Christians at all. If you said that they would pray “to avert financial judgment” and try to escape from what the Bible says, you get five points.
But if you said that they would pray not just to avoid the judgment but also denounce the stock market falls as the work of Satan and pray for more money in front of a freakin’ statue of a freakin’ golden bullock, for heaven’s sake, you get ten points.
No, I mean, really.”
Honestly…does praying for the symbol of greed make the greed go away, or the wealth return?
curiously suspicious something is wrong….
Oh wait..this just in..IT WORKED!!!