Dean & Company Family Christmas

So riding home the other day, I came across two very interesting things that I must share with anyone who is not from the US or who has not heard of these spectacularly American South experiences. They are:
1. Rick and Bubba– Really, if you can, though they tend to be ridiculously something..not sure what it is, the sheer nature of their take on certain things is worth a listen. Half the time, if I’m riding through an area where I can pick up their station, I listen..but almost always end up mad, or offended at the sheer lack of thought of who could be listening.
2. The Dean & Company Christmas Special- One thing is for sure though, if you do listen to them, even for the smallest amount of time, they’ll tip you off to something hilariously crazy like the Deans.
So, for your humor, and mine. Please watch the above and below, and have a very happy Christmas!

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