Religious freedom: What effects one of us, effects all of us!

Over the last couple of weeks a judge in Douglasville, Georgia has required Muslim women to remove their head scarfs before entering the court room or be arrested. In my opinion this can not be stood for and is a violation of the right to religious freedom for all Americans!!
In response, a group of colleagues and I, from Candler School of Theology, drove over to Douglasville to make the Douglasville Stand (the video above is from the press coverage). We got many waves and even a few honks from local residents. We were also covered by Atlanta media. When we attempted to speak with the mayor we were told he was busy, so we left him a hand written note.
This is a developing story; however, if you want to catch-up, or keep-up, make sure to check back here, or on the AP, or over at Kroger’s Mix.
Here are threads of the story:
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If you are able to get involved or willing to make any phone calls, please drop a comment here and we can give you some stuff to do.
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