Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr) Fr. Rohr writes: A Hasidic Jew said, to be able to experience ourselves as givers of energy, we have somehow to know ourselves as God (here you find a thin line between truth and illusion!). We have to know who we belong to, we have to believe in the […]

Obama Mondays: Week 1

Starting this week, weekly Obama briefings for your viewing pleasure. You can download them online if you want, or just wait till Monday’s and watch them here. enjoy… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

What does one do with this: ‘America’s Song’?

I have to be confessional about the fact that I’m still wrestling with this song. A few of my problems are this: 1. Is this a PR thing to help rebuild the image of America in the world in the new Obama-age? 2. What does having three (or more) non-Americans singing this song mean for […]

Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr) Fr. Rohr writes in Preparing for Christmas: “In his most radical proclamation of the Kingdom, the Lord tells us that today’s choices have to be such that tomorrow is still open. Most people are not free to hear the gospel because it would take too much backtracking and undoing. […]

The Story of Stuff is Right!!

Since moving to the US Laura and I have had a relatively complicated time trying to make sure we bought good, but not too expensive appliances, cheap but not plastic furniture. With all the wrestling of course comes the questions of sustainable living. That being said, we’re on our 3rd microwave since August which means […]

Inauguration Day 2009: Not the end of ‘The Dream’ but part of it!

There has been much talk as of late as to whether or not the election and swearing in Barack Obama is the fulfillment of the dream of Dr. King. Apparently, for many within America, and specifically a large percentage of those in the African American community, this is the dream. While you will find no […]

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Millions of people around the world are taking today to remember the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. King. To be for certain, as tomorrow’s inauguration will say, King’s life set the stage for something special to happen in American history that had not been imagined before. We remember, and are better for it. On […]