Kiva in 2009

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Josh Brown has talked about Kiva for years. Even before Oprah talked about Kiva, Josh was talking about them.
Now, after meeting Emory alum Kenneth Cole, and trying to get a podcast episode with him about his Awearness project, he is talking about Kiva.
If you don’t know about Kiva, now is a time to discover them. Or, if you knew about them, and forgot, now is the time to re-discover them! Check out all these mentions!
plotting goodness…

2 thoughts on “Kiva in 2009

  1. Josh, I fully agree with your concerns about this song. You are right to cite Amos. I would also cite the Revelation of John, where empire = Babylon = Rome = any world power of the Domination System, including the USA. There is, without doubt, goodness in USA as a nation, just as there was in Babylon and Rome; however, it is extremely dangerous to confuse any state with the Kingdom of God, and that is what this song comes dangerously close to doing. I am especially concerned about the use of the hymn “America the Beautiful” at the conclusion. Again, this hymn (which is in many hymnals in of Churches in the US, unfortunately), blatantly compares the US to the New Jerusalem–which is nearly idolatrous. The second stanza (happily not used in Bono’s song) is abysmally unreflective of the truth of American history: “O beautiful for pilgrim feet, whose stern, impassioned stress a thoroughfare for freedom beat across the wilderness!” Well, those stern pilgrim feet were walking right over the backs and through the lands of the native Americans (wilderness?), who suffered near genocide from their American conquerors. I believe that followers of Jesus should be especially resistant to nationalism when the nation has done something amazingly positive–because the temptation to national idolatry is even stronger. It is right to rejoice in the goodness that sometimes happens in US politics, but we should resist the temptation to national pride, national or otherwise.
    Ed Phillips

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