What does one do with this: ‘America’s Song’?

I have to be confessional about the fact that I’m still wrestling with this song. A few of my problems are this:
1. Is this a PR thing to help rebuild the image of America in the world in the new Obama-age?
2. What does having three (or more) non-Americans singing this song mean for the line, “America, you’re beautiful!”
3. I’m not sure it is really a decent sounding song.
4. I wrestle with America (in policy and practice) regaining favor too quickly in the world before she discovers that lest certain issues at home be taken care of (like extreme poverty, homelessness, civil rights issues, etc) she is just as bad, if not worse than when exacting bad policy abroad.
For more thoughts on this, please read through the book of Amos in the Bible. In reflection, one will notice that Amos calls out many nations for the way their international relationships operate, but calls out Israel very harshly, if not most harshly, for not taking care of its poor at home. Allegorically, I sense that while the US may do some good (and bad) things abroad in terms of charity, there are some things at home that need some work!
I’m wondering why we didn’t get a song like this when Gordon Brown (UK) or Kevin Rudd (Australia) took over the leadership helm and took policy in new directions? Again, I’m not trying to understate the enormity of the Obama election, just wondering if that is what this song is about.
What thinks ye?

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