New U2 Album and Commentary!

Here is an article from USA Today: By Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY HOLLYWOOD — Trading a woozy tingle for a restorative jolt, Bono and Edge abruptly switch from margaritas to coffee as they prepare to leave their hotel for a rehearsal stage in downtown Los Angeles. They grew accustomed to such giddy and pronounced mood […]

Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr) Fr. Rohr writes: “What we lack in an addictive society and an addictive family is a sense of being truly alive. So we look for psuedo-ways to feel alive. They never work, as you know, but for some reason they seem better than doing nothing. We use nicotine, caffeine, […]

New Podcast Up with Daniel Harrell

Make sure to check out this week’s podcast with Daniel Harrell of Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith. Believe me, its good stuff!! peace… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Flash Requiem: Wednesday!

Next Wednesday there is going to be a FLASH requiem in Atlanta. Don’t miss it! What is a FLASHrequiem? (from the website) For almost 15 centuries Christendom has marked the first of 40 days up to Easter with Ash Wednesday- a ritual of absolution enacting the death of all that is broken, evil, or self-sabotaging. […]

Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr) Fr. Rohr writes: “There is no way you can love yourself for not being perfect, for not being the saint you thought you were going to be. To use Franciscan imagery, until you’ve leapt across the chasm and embraced the leper, until you’ve recognized that really the leper is […]

A Pill to Forget? What will this mean?

There is a new pill out. A virtual put to medicine version of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Read and watch here, then come back to comment. And is this the opposite pill? By the way, the pill has been released and is now being used by those in the medical community. […]

One Week till Lent!

So what’s your thought? I’m starting to consider what I should “give-up” or “take-up” for lent. In years past, I’ve tried to do both. You know, give up a couple of things and take up a couple good habits. On the whole, I deeply appreciate the yearly liturgical rhythm of Lent. There is something about […]