The Commercial You Won’t See: Veggie Love

People are almost always excited about the Super Bowl commercials. They are epic and almost always expensive. This year, the cost for a 30 second spot is about $3 million and there are about 64 spots. Crazy eh?
Well the above Peta commercial, entitled ‘Veggie Love’ was banned for inappropriate content. It’s pretty gendered which might offend many, but are their facts correct? You decide: Read here, here, and here.
Oh, well, there’s 3 million that the animal rights organization can put to other initiatives, right? Maybe, but below is another one that was thought too racy and banned. If you go here, you can see others. Some are quite funny!
Too Hot for TV: PETA’s Banned Ads
Also, if you’re converted, or interested, here is link to your vegetarian starter kit.