Tom Daschle is out but..Health Reform is still needed!!

As you will have heard, Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name from the HHS position in the Obama administration. While the above video about Daschle does make his tax issues over the use of a “free limo” quite humorous, the need for a radical health reformer still exists!!
Who is it going to be? Howard Dean? Sandra Thurman?
After all, the task to reform the health care system is huge; especially now in the midst of all this economic craziness with the poorest of the poor losing even more! (2.5 million Americans lost their job last year. 71’000 in one day last week!!!!). If you have some extra time and are looking for compelling books to read, check these out:
The End of Poverty, by Jeffery Sachs
The Working Poor, by David Shipler
Rachel and Her Children, by Jon Kozol
Restoring Hope, by Ted Karpf
These are just a few books, and books that do not exclusive deal with health care reformation, but with poverty in general. Yet, there is something in the fight for the justice of the poor at the heart of the health care reform conversation!!
Doing what one can, where one can…
joshua c