Flash Requiem: Wednesday!

Next Wednesday there is going to be a FLASH requiem in Atlanta. Don’t miss it!
What is a FLASHrequiem? (from the website)
For almost 15 centuries Christendom has marked the first of 40 days up to Easter with Ash Wednesday- a ritual of absolution enacting the death of all that is broken, evil, or self-sabotaging. The composition of the Requiem is a modern evolution of this act- performing shared grief over death. And for a century, Artists from the situationist movement in the 60s, and 80s have deconstructed public space by performing spontaneous narrative-events. Recently these performance art events have evolved with social media into FlashMobs- where folks coalesce upon public space- perform a shared ritual or “act” and then disappear back into the society.
In an effort to deconstruct Christendom some Atlanta artists are mashing up the “Flash Mob” with the “Ash Wednesday Requiem.” The viral, open source nature of this project is entirely up to YOU. You are the art. So spread the word, ride MARTA from work in time to be there at 5. Be yourself, or dress as whomever you want to be.
Between now and then:
Look in coffee shops and bars in the Atlanta area for cans to “Submit Your Sin.” Write down any fears, your false-self-images, your self-sabotaging habits that you want to ritually destroy. You can also submit them anonymously in the blog.

Join in over on the website or keep watch !