Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr)
Fr. Rohr writes:
“What we lack in an addictive society and an addictive family is a sense of being truly alive. So we look for psuedo-ways to feel alive. They never work, as you know, but for some reason they seem better than doing nothing. We use nicotine, caffeine, or just stick food in our mouths to have some kind of sensation. Some of us pour liquor down our throats, or overstimulate ourselves through destructive gambling or destructive sexual activity.
These behaviors are a testimony to a lack of spirituality. One who is spiritually alive has an excess of strength, an honest sense of interior creativity and interior imagination. They can say, “I have more than enough. There’s enough of me that I can give some of it away.”
When we find the spirit of Jesus inside of us, more than we asked for, expected or earned, then we understand grace. And grace is the perennial threat to addition.”

Also, if you were not aware, make sure to attend this conference if you are able to or have room in yoru schedule! This one should be great!! Here are Brian’s thoughts on it.