The New Biology: Where Mind and Matter Meet

Here is a video with Bruce Lipton. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, drag the marker out about half way, and watch from there. It is a really good take on what science is saying about the way that environment, as much as genetics, determines certain things. In effect, that environment […]

From Love to Hate and Back Again: Part 2

FLTHABA: Why the Christian New Testament is More Violent Than the Hebrew Bible. Or is it? Let’s be honest Christians always take it one step farther than is necessary. In the case of violence and vengeance shall be mine, what the Christians interpret in their approach to the New Testament (over and above what is […]

Fritjof Capra: The Systems View of Life

In the spirit of my ongoing exploration of the faith and health connections in our world, I offer to you this brief Capra video. Capra has two good books called The Tao of Physics and The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living. If you can, give them a read. enjoy… jc Tweet Send to […]

A Good U2 Article

I’m working on my own exegesis of the most recent U2 album. My hunch is that those who are able to be involved in the Candler Emergent Conversation on Mission in the Emerging Culture: How Bono Re-shaped the Church (April 7th) will get to hear some of it then. Until then, check out this article […]