The Becoming of God- A Review

The Becoming of G-d In church culture these days there is a lot of talk about ‘community,’ but in The Becoming of G-d, Ian Mobsby says we pretty much have missed the boat here in the West. He believes truest community is modeled for us in the interacting relationships we see exhibited in the spirituality […]

Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr) Fr. Rohr prays: Lamb of God, we ask that we might be defense-free people, that we might be able to live a truly disarmed life, that we might be able to secure enough in your love, to be insecure in this world, to let go, Lord. Heal us from […]

Videos from a plenary on the American Church

African American Example: Unitarian Universalists: Korean Thoughts: “Even the shadow of a teacher must be respected.” Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends: No Ordination of Ministers, No one serves role of Preacher Some do have these, but there is an unprogramed meetings All have capacity to be spoken to by God. all must be prepared […]

Becoming Comfortable with Being a Materialist

So, I am being a bit confessional here: I think I am more of a materialist than I thought. No, I am not simply talking about my buying habits or even my need for touch. I’m talking about my entire way of thinking about and living in the world. I am, if you will, becoming […]

The Emerging Church- A Review

The emerging Church Why did I lowercase the ‘e’ in the title? ‘Cause this is not about The Emerging Church, the Movement. Rather, it is about emerging congregations and how to guide the process of emergence from the perspective of church leadership. Bruce Sanguin grounds The Emerging Church in the experience of his own congregation, […]

Obama Monday: Week 13

From the Americas conference. By the way, in case you wondered, here is the book that Chavez gifted to Obama by Eduardo Galeano. Enjoy… jc Tweet Send to Facebook