New Podcast Up: Alan Mann

In the most recent podcast I talk with Alan Mann, author of A Permanent Becoming: A Contemporary Look at the Fruit of the Spirit. Check it out here.
In just a week or so, we are going to be podcasting my recent interview with Bart Ehrman. If you are interested in a free copy of Bart’s newest book entitled: Jesus, Interrupted please click here to see if you qualify! Again, stay tuned for our podcast with Bart in just a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know here when it is up.
Also, after a great interview today with Barbara Brown Taylor, I’m really excited about not only recommending her newest book to you (An Altar in the World), but letting you know the interview itself is going to be one of the better ones we’ve had. Of course, I’m biased;) Anyway, if you don’t know who BBT is, check her and her works out here.
Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more!