The Emerging Church- A Review

The emerging Church
Why did I lowercase the ‘e’ in the title? ‘Cause this is not about The Emerging Church, the Movement. Rather, it is about emerging congregations and how to guide the process of emergence from the perspective of church leadership. Bruce Sanguin grounds The Emerging Church in the experience of his own congregation, Canadian Memorial United, as way to establish a context and to share real-life examples. Sanguin has created a practical guide for both ministers and congregations seeking to shift their congregational culture toward truly emergent Christianity.
He does this not by citing Sweet, McLaren, Grenz, Jones or Derrida – as helpful or important as these disparate voices might be. Instead, Sanguin sources his thinking in insights from leading edge science, including the science of emergence, chaos theory, quantum physics, field theory, spiral dynamics, and evolutionary science. Written in language everyday readers understand, The Emerging Church is filled with no-nonsense, realistic advice on the pitfalls and possibilities of following the vision of an emerging Christian way.
Nudged by an evolutionary Spirit and drawn by the love of Christ into an emerging future, Sanguin calls the church of the loving and living Christ the “best kept secret of our day.” In The Emerging Church, Bruce Sanguin shares “the secret” with anyone and everyone willing to listen.
Bruce Sanguin is pastor at Canadian Memorial United Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, which describes it’s mission to “teach progressive spirituality”. Sanguin has a personal website at where his blog and bio can be found.
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