Becoming Comfortable with Being a Materialist

So, I am being a bit confessional here: I think I am more of a materialist than I thought.
No, I am not simply talking about my buying habits or even my need for touch. I’m talking about my entire way of thinking about and living in the world. I am, if you will, becoming even more deeply convinced that the material realm is not where we live and move and breathe, but it is the sum of the substance from which we find and derive our meaning. Duh?, You may think. But do we live this way?
Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about recently:
1. Seriously experiencing the other: If we move towards understanding ‘life abundant’ or transcendant as being deeply rooted here and now, then our relationships with others becomes that much more important. Not just that, but the way we go about those relationships become that much more important.
2. Faith, Health, and Eschatology: If
3. Of Matter and Mind: