Thursdays are for Fr. Rohr

(HT: google for Fr. Richard Rohr)
Fr. Rohr prays:
Lamb of God, we ask that we might be defense-free people, that we might be able to live a truly disarmed life, that we might be able to secure enough in your love, to be insecure in this world, to let go, Lord.
Heal us from the lie. Heal us from the doubt. Heal us from the darkness. Heal us from the untruth that controls us. Accept our flaw, Lord, that we cannot accept. Heal our wound. Forgive that fatal flaw we cannot forgive. Help us forgive ourselves. None of us has become who we thought we wanted to be. We thought our life was going to be so different. Our judgment is not greater than yours. Free us to forgive what you so readily forgive. What you have let go of, help us not to hold on to.

be free..