Videos from a plenary on the American Church

African American Example:

Unitarian Universalists:

Korean Thoughts:
“Even the shadow of a teacher must be respected.”
Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends:
No Ordination of Ministers, No one serves role of Preacher
Some do have these, but there is an unprogramed meetings
All have capacity to be spoken to by God. all must be prepared to give ministry on any given day.
-this is how we cultivate the awareness in our people.
-is this what samuel was doing? Is this how Eli knew what was going on?
Idea is that you are not saying what comes to mind, but that you are listening and discerning if there is a message for the congregation.
-Christ within teaching. Or the inner light. Or, the Holy Spirit.
for me, or other people
-for this group of people
-to give now?
30 secs to 5 minutes