re: A Return to Ordinary Time

Yesterday’s Pentecost service at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany was absolutely brilliant. Bells, strings, baptisms, story-telling, deconstructive-reconstructive preaching, open table, and communitas in action.
In fact, the gathering was so inspiring, it left me with little choice but to take the time to return to blogging.
I haven’t blogged really in some time. I needed a break. Not that I was that regular before, despite the fact that I had posts up most days. It seems I had become the proverbial blog pimp and connector. Sure, there is the place and need for people like that, but honestly, I didn’t like who I was becoming. You know, one with so few unoriginal thoughts that I was relegated to being the one who just looked for and connected people to other people’s thoughts. Kind of like taking a sermon or a book chapter from some else and preaching it or including it in a writing sample as your own. It just gets boring after a while.
And then, there was the end of my first year of school. I been in a weird place since starting “seminary” and have wanted to make sure I really invested myself in it: the writing, the reading, the new companions. Actually, I think that this venture is really something I am just starting to own. All in all, it was a great first year, but I am still discovering some of the new ways that what I’ve experienced there is going to translate to what I write here. I am I pulling a Kevin Roose (podcast coming soon!) and providing notes and thoughts on my classmates and the experiences I am having while reporting on what a seminary experience is like? Or, am I taking what I am learning, creating new artifacts and passing them on via the blog and the podcast (website or subscribe)? Or, is this experience going to be absent from the blog altogether? In any case, it has and will continue to effect what I think about the role of blogging in a my personal identity formation.
And finally, there are the questions that come with the cyber-fatigue. When is too much media too much. RSS-feeds, twitter, facebook, blogging, podcasting, etc etc etc!! When is too much, too much? And when is enough, enough?
All these matters have been part of my absence in the last month or so. A break I have not only embraced, but needed. Although I am not ready to declare that you can expect Huffington Post type articles every day here at, I do hope that what you will have that experience more often in this space than you have had in the past.
Thanks for your read, your comments, and the conversation to come.
I do hope to have a more comment friendly blog soon. I think I’ve been saying this for over a year and a half now. But alas, maybe we are getting closer;)

One thought on “re: A Return to Ordinary Time

  1. Mr. Case…
    …how do I get ahold of you via email or phone?
    …there is a fine, young, developing leader in north Atlanta that I would like to have meet you
    …he and his wife were out here for a mentoring intensive last week…good people…as in very!
    …let me know
    …and welcome back!

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