Boff and the Trinity as Social Program

Below is an article I wrote in response to the question of whether or not I agreed with Leonardo Boff’s article on the Trinity in the book entitled, Systematic Theology: Perspectives From Liberation Theology. It’s one of many great articles in the book. Here is my article: If the Trinity is a legitimate way of […]

A Shorter Podcast: Jim Henderson

For a midweek podcast we have Jim Henderson talking about the Off The Map Conference in Seattle, Nov. 20-21. He talks about what will be going on and how inexpensive it is to go. We mentioned: [Download Episode] Enjoy…JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Losing My Historical Jesus

So, I drank the kool aid. One of the great joys of being at the Candler School of Theology has been the faculty that we as students get to engage with. Last semester it was people like Dr. Jacob Wright, Dr. Brent Strawn, Dr. Tom Long, and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore. This semester, I have […]

House: A Beautiful Picture of Healing Community

The season premiere of House was a beautiful thing: a portrait of how the process to wholeness includes the most obscure relationships of our lives. A few snapshots: 1. While we think we are normal, it is really only once we have ventured into community that we begin to see how each of our “normals” […]