Alabama Football!

So I don’t post many links to my alma mater, but this was a crazy game! I didn’t even get to see it except on this youthtube video as I was away. Wow! JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Is belief in God consistent with Human Autonomy?

First, precisely because the language of belief in the Christian God provides an acceptable language for understanding human autonomy, one can conclude that these two terms are consistent. For example, free and slave are also terms within the framework of Christianity (as used by Paul and others) which, though seemingly paradoxical, continue to provide a […]

Sallie McFague: The World as God’s Body

Here is an article I had to do comparing two articles. One by Sallie McFague, the other by Kathryn Tanner. Both articles were written under the title “Is God in charge?” Sallie McFague: God’s Body, Humanity’s Home and Responsibility Sallie McFague’s account of God’s relationship to the world presents a more effective stimulus to ecologically […]

Check this out: Tree of Contemplative Practices

Check out this tree. As the site note, “The Tree illustrates some of the contemplative practices that have been developed over the past few thousand years. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list; the practices listed on the Tree are drawn from those mentioned by survey respondents during our 2001-2004 research project.” See […]

What are the Catholics thinking?

Really? Opening up the communion to the Anglican church? Opening the doors for the disgruntled minority to have a safe haven? And really Rowan, not a statement? I have to admit, I am a little nervous about the recent moves by the Catholic church to open its doors to the disgruntled conservative minority in the […]