Experiencing U2 with a FANatic: A Wife’s Perspective

I asked Laura to write a piece for the blog on her experience of her first U2 concert, and here is what she wrote. It’s very sweet. And generous. But it’s also true;) Enjoy:

“Tuesday night was my first U2 concert.  Of course Josh’s excitement for the night was contagious and knowing how much my husband loves the band, I was curious to see if it would live up to the hype.

It did.  I was fascinated by the stage set-up, which allowed somehow for a feeling of intimacy in a huge stadium like the Georgia Dome.  But more than the high-tech surroundings and the glam surrounding the show, I was fascinated by the people.

It caught my attention that there were little kids, teenagers, young professionals, and retirees; and those dressed in goth, emo, and country club attire all there and excited for the concert.  It made me wonder what it was about U2 that could draw such a wide spectrum of people together.

And then there was Bono.  I looked at him and pondered what it was about him that had such star power, such power to mobilize people to action as well as to tears and passion.  I’m still not sure, but it was incredible to feel the passion of the crowd as Bono spoke and sang and the band played.  And I can admit that as Josh and I swayed together to the music, I got caught up in it as well.

And finally, I was fascinated by seeing this side of Josh.  The side that Bono and U2 seem to bring out in him.  I’d seen glimpses of it before when Josh talked about U2 and there latest album or the latest thing he’d heard Bono was involved in.  But I got to observe it full force at the concert.  And I felt like thanking U2 for the way that they seem to inspire Josh.  I looked at him during the course of the show while he had tears in his eyes, was shaking his head and swaying his body in agreement, and as he used his Iphone to record snippets of the show, and I couldn’t help but smile.

We all need inspiration.  And truthfully, Josh never seems short on it and is willing to give it to others freely as well.  But I’m glad that he has people, things, and bands that inspire him so deeply and I’m glad I got to witness the magic of U2 in the face of my husband!”

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  1. From a fellow fanatic, I think you captured the spirit of a U2 concert, which is more than just a rock concert. Closer to a religious experience. And my husband, who was in your shoes at his first U2 show, would agree. We are headed to Tampa for tonight’s show!

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