Roll Tide Saturday!

Yep, it’s Saturday! We need a big day from Ingram. We need to have fun! We need a Roll Tide win in advance of next week’s Iron Bowl! Roll Tide! JC Tweet Send to Facebook

In Brief: Implications of a Postmodern/Post-colonial Christology: From Violence to Life through Rediscovery

Postmodern Christologies: From Violence to Life through Rediscovery JoAnne Marie Terrell makes it pretty plain in her essay entitled Power in the Blood?: The Cross in the African American Experience: it is not appropriate in the postmodern and/or post-colonial age to say that Christ’s death is pleasing to God. Rather, as Terrell seems to rightly […]

The Maasai Creed: Context or Call?

The other day Alan Hirsch posted this creed on his facebook page. He notes, “that was composed in 1960 by the Maasai people of East Africa in collaboration with missionaries from the Congregation of the Holy Ghost. The creed attempts to express the essentials of the Christian faith within the Maasai culture. Jaroslav Pelikan, one […]

Roll Tide!

Well, with a win today, we are one week closer to taking Tebow to the shed! Let’s go Bama! Roll Tide! JC Tweet Send to Facebook

Epiphany in Poetry

Tom Frank writes, “to grasp what makes a place itself, to name its distinctive qualities, is a task for poetics” (141). In this light, I wrote the following poem as a descriptor of my recent internship experience at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. #317 Leaves of fire, trees of old, The ground is crackling […]

The Legend of Today (Friday 13th)

Here are a couple of links about the evolution of this day in modern folklore. Enjoy the read and have a very lucky day. About, Is Friday the 13th Bad for your Health, National Geographic on the topic, The Huffington Post, and finally, TIME. Enjoy! JC Tweet Send to Facebook