Ft. Hood: What No Faith Condones!

Ironically, though my last post seriously asked questions about faith and health, I find myself sick again. Nevertheless, I have a few posts and links coming to you new in the next couple of days.

Particularly, today, I feel drawn to engage with issues surrounding the recent shooting at Fort Hood.

To be honest I am hearing all kinds of things. You know, there are some who hope to use this as a way to get Muslims out of the military. For others this is another example of just how complex an issue warfare and religion can be.

I, for one, am on the side of President Obama and Eboo Patel. We can blame no religion for what happened at this place lest, in my opinion, we choose to condemn all religions.

This is the context of religious faith in the era of the new atheists (Sam Harris on oneside and Greg Epstein on the other); namely, that sociologically, the attack of any religion is an attack on the essence of all religion. Particularly if one of them is of the Abrahamic faith. For as Eboo and others within the interreligious dialogue will note, greater than our difference in faith is our belief in pluralism more than extremism.

Hopefully, what happened at Fort Hood had nothing to do with religion; however, if it is discovered that it did, may we seek the path of pluralism and not extremism, the path of understanding and not demonization, the path of love and not hate.